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About me

Hi, Pete here. Lifelong learning and outdoor sport is what I do.

I wasn’t a big fan of blogs until I realized that I needed one. I write here, though, primarily for me. I will often address “you” in an essay, but it’s actually directed to myself, for the next time I’ll read it.

Depending on your passions in life, some of my writings can be interesting for you too. The covered subjects range from education and learning, long-term traveling, to freelancing and endurance sport, to (seldomly) engineering.

Favorite quote

It often changes. I have a file with a bunch of famous quotes that I try to remember and use as guides. My current favorite is

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. –B. Pascal


I am not easy to reach. If you’ve read thus far on the page, then you understand that I don’t use social networks. Your best bet is LinkedIn. Good luck.

Keep learning!